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Thursday, December 1, 2011


Those who have followed my previous blogs and know that I have always said if I had a boyfriend during the holidays I would like Christmastime so much more. Well I by passed boyfriend and gone straight to husband. So as a married woman I am biting the Christmas bullet, so to speak, and trying to enjoy the  holidays. Teeth will probably stay clenched but I will have on a holly jolly smile (while my belly jiggles like a bowl full of jelly. -sad face-).

I suppose gone are the days of playing the radio version of Chicken by seeing who can stand listening to Christmas music the longest. Loser turns the channel or turns radio off.

My husband, David, said that he was going to help me love Christmas. In an attempt (is it an attempt if you succeed?) to do so he and I are going to watch a Holiday Video (maybe not every day as that seems like a lot!!! Maybe a few classics), making Christmas cookies and I am planning to create all the Christmas gifts I give out.

Also, David and I plan to adopt a couple of kids from the angel tree, and we'd also like to continue my family's tradition of the the Twelve Days of Christmas. We pick a family (maybe just for fun or maybe someone that needs some extra holiday cheer) and visit them 12 nights in a row, ding-dong-ditching gifts on their door step. I am not sure we will be able to afford to do this, but we would like to try.

So, what are you holiday traditions? Favorite-must-see-holiday movies? Favorite Christmas cookie? Post in the comments, I'd love to have any help to get into the spirit of Christmas!

I have started my Christmas "crafting" (not shopping!!) and will hopefully complete one of my gifts, for my friend, Racheal, tonight. I can't show you what it is, but I will give a hint, it has to do with Nightmare Before Christmas. :) After all the gifts are received by the oh-so-delighted recipients, I will post photos of all the handmade gifts! (I say once they get them cause some people get stuff early! lucky!!!)

Also I think I would like to give out some hand made things on here, so be sure to read what's going on and enter to win.

Here are some things that have me excited about Christmas:

My faaaaavorite (love love love!!!) crafter, Tim Holtz is again doing the 12 tags of Christmas, Here is his first tag. It's gorgeous and looks easy enough to make if you have all the supplies. He is so talented *love* *love* *love*!!!!

At the bottom of Tim's blog post he mentions people can link their tags (love to see what others make!) and I found these beautiful tags made by Pam Bray.

AllRecipes.Com is also doing their 12 Cookies of Christmas, today is yummy looking chocolate chip cookies. David and I will probably not be making these only because yesterday we made homemade cinnamon rolls for the birthday girls at my work :)

And last but not least, and most especially because I über LOVE seeing other peoples crafts! We had a library program two week ago and I brought the ladies some "craft idea" sheets from JoAnns. One of the ladies made this beautiful poinsettia tree skirt

One of my favorite Facebook Pages, Scraptherapy, is suggesting that people use the following image to create a card or do something crafty. I can't wait to implement this!

Well, I am going to start decorating and possibly wear my elf hat and try and get into the holiday mood :)

p.s. while trying to put my "location" from where I blogged this, the google map stopped working and tried to place me in Wichita, Kansas. Its making me giggle, maybe I'll keep that.

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