Aimee The Great: Apple Box and Wood Card Challenge

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Apple Box and Wood Card Challenge

Merry Christmas/Happy holidays!! David and I just got back from visiting his grandparents, father and his best friends. That's why I haven't been online, on the road --- and listening to holiday music. (I know what you're thinking, nu-uh, but I did!!!).

Here are some cute things I found randomly this morning. A beautiful apple bag/box.

Paper and Ink Playground

Create had a weekly (back on November) challenge of adding wood to cards that they were creating. I love love love how this came out. Check out all the different cards that were made here. I will post just a few of my favorites. 
Autumn by Andrea Budjack

Truly by Karin Åkesdotter

Just a Note by Christine Meyer

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