Aimee The Great: New Years Wishes

Saturday, December 3, 2011

New Years Wishes

A few years ago, had a "wish box". It was a box (wooden, I believe), approx. 2x6"x1, the open end on the side and it was full of tiny compartments. The wishes were written on colored sheets of paper and rolled up and placed into the compartments until the box was full of wishes. Think of it as a (and please don't be offended) a wailing wall in box form. I didn't have the money to buy the box (UG is a little pricey for me, a humble student), and they no longer sell it- in fact I can't find anything like it. Until, a few months ago...

Kate's Creative Salvage I love the leaves made from pages

I adore Jeanne's wreath <3 Bushel and a Peck

It's a little different, I'll admit, but the idea is the same, rolling your wishes and keeping them grouped together.

So during the library during the month of December we are collecting New Years Wishes to be bundled in groups of 2-3 and to be hung up on a wreath for the New Year. The idea was inspired by rolled pages on wreaths and coupled with my original desire of having a Wish Box. I hope we have some wishes to put up!

What are your wishes for the New Year?

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