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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Paint Swatches

It started with Laura. She said a shirt she got at the work holiday party was Carolina Blue. I asked her what color that was, and asked if it was the color blue of the "bright lights" indicator in the car. She agreed. Apparently it's a real color. It refers to the color blue that represents the color of the University of North Carolina. But this brought up a new thing- naming colors after places.

It brought up this idea that I love, naming colors myself. like Scandinavian Gray is THIS:

The bigger beads in this Bracelet

I am going to start naming colors. Bangladesh Brown, Madagascar Magenta and so on --- sort of like SWATCHES!

Last Christmas I used green paint swatches on my greeting cards to make teeny Christmas trees (so anyone that went into Wal-Mart to get green swatches--- sorry!). I have found a few other craft ideas using swatches:

Wreath Link
I think would like to cut them in the fun shapes, but it's cute.

Valentines Day Swatches
Soooooo cute!! <3 I love love love the craft on this site! Check 'em out!

This was clever!! I really want to try it!

The only thing I am liking better than swatches right now are PAINT LIDS!!! They are so cool and crafty--- where can I get them? Where O WHERE?! Lookie!!!

Link to the paint can lid
Soooooooo PRETTTTTYYYYY <3 lovelovelovelove!!!

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