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Saturday, December 3, 2011

paper maché

Ann Wood is BRILLIANT! I am in LUV LUV LUV (!!!!!) with her birds--- I sooo want these!!! (hint hint, David)

Snowflake and Ashton

But what I really like is all her beautiful paper maché work

By far my favorite The Gulnare

links for tutorials here sailboatTeacups (LOVE!).

I am trying to narrow down why I love ships so much, as I don't like the ocean (X) but ships just make me so happy. I have come up with a few reasons. 1) Because my Grandad and my father were both in the navy and talk about boats/ships all the time and 2) the follow pictures will explain it all I believe.
Little Mermaid (1989)

Peter Pan (1953), The Jolly Roger

Master and Commander (2003), The Surprise

I am really excited to try this out sometime, somehow in my 27 years of life I have not once paper machéd anything

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