Aimee The Great: Bob's Burger's Art Crawl

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bob's Burger's Art Crawl

Back in October I was really sick, had two illnesses at once. It was really dreadful, and in a search to find something to do, David and I found Bob's Burgers. What might that have to do with crafting? Well, I shall tell you.

In season one, episode 8, Art Crawl. Bob and his children are horrified by the "sucky" art on the boardwalk strip and return to their restaurant to find bob's sister-in-law, Gail, has hung up her art... that is horrific. It's all animal bottoms! Ew!

It was the perfect combination of horrific and hysterical. :) I was on the website and ran across holiday gifts- reindeer bottom and polar bear bottom magnets. I can't afford such luxuries for my honey (sorry, Dave!) so I made some of my own!!! For only ...$6. Magnets from Michaels, and animals from Party America (I seriously looked all over town for cheap animals!!!). Uncle Jimmy let me use his workroom (hacksaw and clamp). All that plus hot glue gun = perfect Christmas gift for my bubbly hubbly.

top, L-R. Deer Bottom, Rhino Rump
Bottom, L-R: Zebra Derriere, Penguin Seat, Cheetah Tail, Hippo Hiney, Pig Rear, Tiger Tush

Oh...the smiley face? Dave loves smilies! :)

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