Aimee The Great: A gift for my sister

Sunday, January 1, 2012

A gift for my sister

Have you ever noticed when you learn a new craft you got a bit insane buying all the supplies needed to become the best [insert type of craft here]-er and you get burned out? I defiantly was feeling that after this craft!

I had the opportunity to meet my sister (I think I was the long-lost one ;) ha) and her two children and another niece over Christmas. In anticipation leading up to that moment I decided to get busy crafting like a mad woman and make each of them a paper rose ornament (not to but used on a Christmas Tree unless they so desired). I got busy cutting away.

I used 4 different kinds of light blue paper. Some had sparkles, some were cardstock. Most were 12x12
After rolling up each rose
Gluing each rose to the Styrofoam ball

End result

The end result was beautiful, but I didn't realize how many paper roses would be need to complete just ONE bauble. It proved to be too much, with the very limited time I had (NEVER wait til the last minute!!!) and I was only able to create one.

I think next time I will use my Sizzix 3-D Flower Die Cut and let my scissors have a break. Anyway, I need to finish making my lovely nieces their gifts :) Merry Christmas!

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