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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Craft

Recently while I was beading I realized, as much as I love it (and I REALLY do)- I love paper crafting even more. Something about getting to emboss, paint, stamp, ink, spray, cut, paste, mold, burn, tape, glitterfy, etc... I LOVE paper. Anything paper related. I think that's why when I heard about quilling I couldn't wait to get started. 

The problem with finding a new craft, is buying all of the goods to make whatever it is you want to do. 

Prime example, Watercolor classes were relatively cheap last summer, about $50. I happened to have coupons and bought my paint set (about 7 colors), a few brushes and a palette from different stores. Paper was cheap..ish and away I walked satisfied. That is until I realized I didn't have purple paint (and yes I could mix the colors I had, but my blue was too dark and made the purple too dark and adding white... well... watercolors are tricky). So back I went to the craft store. Again for larger paper. Again for longer-handled brushes. Over and over again, back to the store. /sigh.

So, before you get sucked into a new craft, think it over, plan, find deals and buy a few things at a time. It's worth it.

But what does that all have to do with paper and new crafting? Well, simple. I wanted to learn to quill paper. I first ran across quilling in:

Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts:
An A-to-Z Guide with Detailed Instructions and Endless Inspiration
Q for quilling. Beautiful. Decorative fancy letters. I drooled a bit on the book. But you know how, Martha is, lots to look at and think about. Soon quilling was just another to-do on my future craft list. Until I read about   Yulia Brodskaya (see previous post). Quilling became a quest. I was on a mission to find quilling tools and read up as much as I could. 

Off to Fred Vegas I went, coupons in hand. At Joanns (my store of choice) and, as Laura said, it was the first time Joanns had let me down. I called Michaels, no, AC Moore (HA! I find they don't know anything, it's so frustrating) and so I had to venture into HobbyLobby (why do I despise it so?). I found the tools and the paperstrips--- EVERYTHING I needed. (all under $10!!!) Here's what I've made so far (in a four hour time period)

Myrtle and I made this, a trial attempt, two different quilling tools were used. :)
Can you see the differences?

Flamingos :) so cute! :D

Peacock <3

Pot o' Gold + Rainbow

Peacock feather so puuurdy

I think quilling is going to be a new favorite. I am excited to take my flower doodles (mostly from math homework pages- ha!) and recreate them using quilled paper.

Also, I would like to take a moment to talk about the website, All Things Paper, I ran across it tonight and it's just amazing. Please head over there and take a look. :)

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  1. I inherited a bunch of stuff from a great aunt recently. It had been boxed up for ages. Some of it was quilling, only I had no idea thats what it was until about a week ago. I donated it to di because my hubby didn't want the clutter while I tried to figure out what to do with it. She was very talented! It was all in bright gold frames and with very 70s colors, but they were still beautiful! Now I am bummed!