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Sunday, January 8, 2012


I, like a great many of crafters before me, have become addicted to Pinterest. I there is so much to see that I am scared of becoming lost in the sea of thoughts and crafts and places- its easy to become jaded, desensitized, or worst, unoriginal!

I used an idea for a "dry erase" reasons I LOVE YOU (those printed words inside a picture frame) to make my bubbly hubbly (i.e. my lovely husband, David) a two month anniversary gift. Here was the result.

The only thing that makes me sad is once you erase the reason it is gone forever. I almost want to slap a posit note pad on the frame in the "blank spot" and keep all my reasons in a journal for him. :)

So here's how I did this craft. I used scrapbook paper (that light fabric-y type) beige with brown "writing" as the background. Next unused more scrapbook paper to cut out the two owls. I gold embossed on a chopstick, that I broke in half (so the glued part would be flat) for the tree branch. I glued green tear shaped jewels for leaves. Behind the owls is half a card (purple paisley design) and beneath that is purple snake skin wrapping paper. I embossed "forever 'owl'ways" using an emerald and amethyst embossing powder in a rainbow effect. Also used scrapbook paper and cut out glitter hearts (this was the hardest part, next time I'll die cut them to perfection). I hand printed everything but "love" which was stamped using black archival ink. :) and all that was sealed in a cheap frame from goodwill lol :)

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