Aimee The Great: Quilling

Monday, January 16, 2012


Quilling, or paper filigree, is the art of taking paper strips rolling, pinching, shaping and glueing them together to embellish, or create decrorative designs.

Apparently this art form hails from France during the renaissance, monks and nuns used to qul to decoarte covers of books. Essentially the same as ironwork (which I LOVE!!!!)

Description: London, England: Victoria and Albert Museum:
balcony ironwork (c1770, France, possibly by Jean Francois Cahon

I have been really impressed with all the quilling projects I have seen online, especially,  Yulia Brodskaya. Her art work is DIVINE!!!! (see 3 images below)

I am really interested in getting started with quilling. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

Great information about getting started quilling and some quilled crafts on Craftzine, taught by Ann Martin.
Here is just a helpful photo from their website, but I would recommend going there.

A beginning quilling video (courtesy of YouTube)

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