Aimee The Great: Sewing

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Now that Dave and I are all settled in our love nest (i.e. the master bedroom), I have room to start crafting and I can ...

(wait for it)




I bought it ages ago on eBay. It's brand new and was $75 dollars cheaper than in regular stores AND no s/h fees. Oooo and Aaah!

I can't wait to start sewing. I've already had nightmares. XD

Some of these nightmares included getting pulled over by the police because I was sewing the "Aimee" way and not the correct way. Yes, I sew my own unique style. But now that I own my very own machine, maybe I can learn via books at the library. :)

I found this fabbbbuuuullllooooouussss sewing craft on Happy Zombie Blog

She got the "idea" from her friend Vanessa's website,, and here is the link to purchase the PDF to make your very own Turkey Dinner <3 love.

I can't wait to get started sewing. But wait-- I am missing some things like fabric. And thread. LOL One day I will be ready to sew. :) Until then, other crafts will have to do. 

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