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Saturday, January 21, 2012

travel log

Did you know I have been to most of the states in the US? And I have been to a few countries. By no means have I traveled the globe enough to be an expert world traveler. I wish I could travel a lot more-- however, financially speaking it may be a while before I get to jet off to an exotic destinations.

What's the next best thing to traveling around the world? Decorating with a travel theme. Maps, globes, photos, postcards, etc.. Limitless, boundless, beautiful.

Here are some ideas but there are literally HUNDREDS more!

A state that is close to your heart.
Use thumbtacks to outline the state and make a heart of where you/loved/significant place , connect with string/thread of your choice

Map Coasters <3 so cute!

collage maps and cover with stencil- paint

Half globe, add quote, mount

decoupage letter 

Create a Map-Shade :) so cute! Use to better read travel 

For couples (great anniversary gift) take map of where they are from and cute out your ladies and gentlemen  (heck create a family picture of where each person was born-- including the pets. So cute!)

collect stamps? Use them to cover the countries they are from on a map and FRAME it! soooo pretty!!!

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