Aimee The Great: Trifle not with my parfait, foole!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Trifle not with my parfait, foole!

Trifles are layers of delicious! So much better than a cake!

Here's how I make my Black forest trifle.

Bake a devil's food cake,

cut in one inch squares

Mix 1 pkg of cream cheese and 1 pkg of cool whip until blended. And I'll admit I am a name brand only when it comes to those two items.

Add have one can of cherries

Create a layer of cake in your trifle dish (I don't have one so I used a six-inch high serving dish- on clearance at Food Lion for 75¢),

then add a layer If the cream cheese/cool whip mixture,

 then add cherries, reappear until you reach almost the top,

add cool whip layer and any toppings (sprinkles, shaved chocolate, etc). I added chocolate sprinkles but I'm afraid they look like mouse droppings. Epic fail. Lol

As a side note I use the cream cheese/cool whip mixture to stuff my créme puffs and my crépes.

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