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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Unrelated to crafting

I went and saw Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter last night. It was horrible. And not in the way that it sounds like the whole plot/concept is terrible- the book was amazing. It was the perfect Combination of history mixed with horror, adding fictitious vampires, while staying accurate to facts.

Hollywood took my new all-time favorite book and, I apologize for the term, but they raped my book. Not like how they take books and tweak them... This was a full on gang rape Hollywood style.

The more I think about it the madder I get. Honestly this film could have been called anything else, been unrelated to Lincoln and had no journal- as none if these three items had no purpose in the movie.

Hollywood took out the need for Lincoln's journal (which is home the author of the book found out to write about lincoln); changed Lincoln's family- no sister, stepmother and step siblings, no Edgar Allen Poe, added a friend who was a free slave (assuming that without this character the movie seems to harsh or racist), left out that his father knew about vampires and that Lincoln got revenge on the vampire that killed his mother- through his own skills/training. The solo vamp hunting in which Lincoln meets Henry was butchered and Hollywood changes Henry's house, the fact that Abe recognizes Henry as a vampire right away and struggles to become his friend AND Henry's history as one of the members of the list colony of Roanoke. Instead Hollywood dishes out the crap about 'vampires can't kill each other' and having to use 'silver'. Where was Abe's young adult life of working on the Mississippi? And making friends with the rowdy boys? And Abe's quick flame distractions? His first love who died? The giant massacre/vamp fight in NYC, Abe meeting with the good vampire legion and meeting other vampire hunters. The fact that they helped him win his presidential office. Where was Lincoln's other children? And his cabinet that he explained about vampires to begin with.

Okay, I know I'm being unreasonable. I know they couldn't have showed his all in one film. But they could have broken it into two, or even three films. I'm going to stop being mad soon. :( I promise.

Also my friend texted me this morning she said: "I had to let my disgust digest". So I'm not the only one.

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