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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Being My Best Self

This past weekend I went to Katsucon with David. I didn't think I would be especially grateful, or even happy to go. I only went because David asked me to, and I wanted to spend time with him. Anime Conventions don't seem like something I would really enjoy, but I did. I took a few art classes:

How to Draw Zombies with Obsidian Abnormal (

Night Owl Drawing with Kristilyn (

Neo-Traditional Inking

How to Make Comics: Scripting, Penciling...


Cel Painting with Steve Bennett (

Steve Bennett was the highlight of my week.

Let me explain.

When we got in line for the cel painting, it was VERY popular, but of course, who wouldn't want to be taught by an artist like Steve? I twas very exciting, until they told us no one gathered the items to actually DO cel painting! LOL Oh well, Steve talked about past Katsucon's having the same problem. He was very lively and interesting. Telling us about how he got started an an apprentice in animation and how patience builds discipline and discipline builds patients, which is how you perfect your art work. Steve then talked about the different kind of artists.

Type A who is a little on the cocky side. They know they are good and they don't need to fix their skills 'cuase they already so amazing.
Type B who isn't as confident and nothing is good enough
and Type C, the person who knows they are better than 100 other artists out there, but in reality they know they are not as good as another 100. They continually work at honing their skills to perfection.

I always thought I was a C, continually improving. ... But listening to Steve, I realized I am type B. I don't think I will EVER be as good as anyone else. And that I shouldn't try, because I will fail.

What's really funny about this, is how I believe in EVERYONE else! I believe anyone can do anything! really!!! You can't do art, give it a shot, you can do it! You want to learn a language, you can do it! ...Yeah... but not me. I'll never be anyone, I'll never do anything.

So, here I was listening to Steve and I had a spiritual experience, that I have talents and that I can develop those using patience, discipline and diligence. Further then that, God has given me a gift of only needed a few hours of sleep a night, and that I *need* to use my awake time, whether it's 3 AM building my skills. I shouldn't lay in my bed, hoping for sleep, and wasting my time playing on my iPhone.

I feel so ALIVE for the first time in a long time. I am so grateful David asked me to go to Katsucon. It was exactly what I needed.

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