Aimee The Great: Copic Markers

Monday, February 25, 2013

Copic Markers

I looooove love copic markers. They are amazing. I want to have a marker-color-gasm that's how amazing they are. However.... David and I discussed buying me these fabuuuulous markers and due to being poor -weeps- we cannot buy sets of them at this time! Sooo instead I am selling items on amazon and eBay. Back in January I sold one of my cricut cartridges and I just sold (last 15 minutes) a set of children's learning-to-read books. I really wanted to save those books for my own children, but we don't have any children right now and aren't sure when we will have any. So, bye bye books, hello Copics! ^_^

I will post some of my favorite copic links and videos tomorrow when I am near a computer!

So far I own about 10 Copic markers.

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