Aimee The Great: Craft room re-arrange

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Craft room re-arrange

So I am working on getting my craft room organized (later painted furniture to match the Polar Sunset* walls)

So far I have moved my husband OUT of my craft room (well his xbox) and the love seat and comfy chair.

I have moved in our kitchen table (for time being my craft table) and an old tv cupboard to hold crafty things. 

My air brush system is set up and I just moved my cameo silhouette in here. Ooh so excited to start crafting!!!

I did try out the glass etching the other day... Not so good. Everything as far as silhouette studio and cutting vinyl, easy enough, but I forgot to shake the etching cream bottle, and it exploded everywhere.

The lesson is shake well and do not open near project. :)

Ohm I also purchased some double adhesive paper fr silhouette and also from Darhma Trading, silk scarves. :)

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