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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Some cool stuffs!

Hey, y'all (it's a Southern thing, don't fight it, embrace us cosy southerns!). I had a BUSY weekend STAMPING and finishing my holiday cards--- get ready to see a few here VERY soon!

I posted a few on my Instagram, if you can't wait you can check them out here -- I post to Tumblr and to Twitter when I post to Instagram and Kuretake shared one of my holiday cards on Twitter.

 I SQUEED! I love my Wink of Stella brush pens! Everyone knows I LOVE sparkly, glittery things!

My other exciting thing is my question-- which I HAVEN'T even watched the outcome yet, is going to be answered by the AMAZING Kristina Werner and Jennifer McGuire. If you DON'T know them, please follow their blogs and YouTube videos. They are amazing!! I just LOVE Kristina's cat, Manny, as well. But, um, this is probably as close to meeting one of my favorite celebs and Kristina said my name -faint- haha! Thank you, Kristina and Jennifer!!!

Watch Video here!

So my final cool thing that happened, I won a contest from RedditGifts! Reddit Gift's facebook had a contest about sharing what made you happy on Black Friday. I talked about how happy I was to work with my amazing co-worker. How my second job has become a WONDERFUL place, now that I work with NICE people. ^_^ I won a t-shirt for David, that made me so happy! Thank you RedditGifts!

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