Aimee The Great: Update

Sunday, December 21, 2014


Man, these days leading up to Christmas are brutal! Work and getting ready for holidays eats all of my time! David was so cute yesterday when I said "Christmas in Thursday." He responded, totally freaked out, "Thursday!?! Of THIS week!?!"

Um,... Yes! Poor guy! It's a good thing we don't do much for Christmas! We go to the movies on Christmas Day. We are planning at lest three this year, including Into the Woods! I can't waaaait! It'll be the best Christmas EVER!

So, for one of my gifts David bought me hair dye and new pajamas. Here's the hair dying and results!

Last week we did our secret Santa gift exchange at work, here's what I made Jauneth! 

A decoration for her room! ^_^

And I have been finishing up Christmas cards to send out (late, but at least will be mailed!) 

And I received my sketch pens in the mail! So here's the first envelope I addressed

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