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Monday, January 12, 2015

#Throwback... today

I know, I know, I should wait until Thursday for some throwback photos, but I can't help myself!!!

Here is a photo of me, age 6:

Pretty sure this photo was taken at Hidden Oaks Park Nature Park in Annadale VA

 My mom used to take my older brother and I to all of the local "free"/cheap programs at libraries and parks. On this particular occasion, I believe it was a holiday program. There was hot chocolate (a childhood lifetime fave!), homemade chocolate lollipops in green and red  (you know the kind I mean)  and various craft and learning projects. This particular item is a felt and metal candle holder with pinecones and acorns to accent. The photo was snapped without us knowing, and a few weeks later a neighbor of ours stuck the photo on our door. It was in the park's next season handout.

And here are some old, old drawings from the same time period (journal is from dec-feb 1991), these were in my journal (my mom would translate into English). The first two are drawings and personality information about my green velvet cat (that my grandmother sewed for me), her name is Green Clover and she is a kitty girl (much like, Hello Kitty)

Same time frame, animal people--- my favorite. Their ages are above them, also 9s were VERY difficult to write

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