Aimee The Great: My fancy dancy surprise weekend!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

My fancy dancy surprise weekend!

I took off work this weekend to drive a friend of mine down to her sons house in Virginia beach. That ended up getting canceled and I couldn't get the time at work, so I had NOTHING to do! My mom spends all of her time working at taking car if my aging father, he has a brain disease that has him on constant bed rest. So anyhow, I told my mom I had then weekend off and she said she would set up a plan for us. Sounded good to me!

Well, she took me to Alexandria (northern VA) and bought me new earrings. The story behind this: 7 years ago my mom bought me the most amazing Amethyst earrings in the world and sometime last year they went missing!!! I have been devastated! I'm not sure if I misplaced them, accidentally threw them out, or if someone stole them (long story!!). So my mom took me back to the same jewelry store (Gold Works) and let me pick out new earrings! I picked out these gorgeous Swiss Blue Topaz earrings! 

(I know seeing someone's ears so close is too intimate! Haha!)

We drove to Ikea, my mom has never been. It was really fun to take her there. I got a light for my craft table

It was the start of a beautiful weekend! We went and got fish tacos in Richmond at Pelon's Baja Grill (they have three restaurants in Virginia: Richmond, Norfolk and Virginia Beach). This was one of my mega disapointments of not going to VA beach because these tacos are amazing!!

We had a great time and did some shopping, I picked up this amazing box 
at Our Sister of Hope thrift shop (really a great organization that helps local elderly in the area!).

I use a lot of secondhand cigar boxes and other carryinh cases like this one for my craft supplies. I thought this one might be good for... 

The enamel dots, bling and other stickers I use! Yes, mom bought me a few craft supplies at Michaels, as well!

I thought the sections in this box would be great for differentiating by colors.

Speaking of colors, that reminds me, I finally picked up this!

(rolling cart with 10 drawers from Recollections) 

And some paper 


It was a fun couple of days but I'm glad to be back home with my kitties and my dear husband. 

Oh oh and I got my Paper Issues order in the mail. I am in love with their business card :) 

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