Aimee The Great: WIP: Love Peppermint, the Greeting Farm

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

WIP: Love Peppermint, the Greeting Farm

So I finally had a chance to sit down and color tonight. And like a dummy (sigh) I used bad lighting and messed up but I think I corrected it. :) when DH got home he brought me my new mini light. 

Here she is Love Peppermint:


So I have to wait for the stickles to dry! Wom wom! (That's that music they play when a person loses on a game show)

So in other news I can't stop thinking about this necklace my mom and I saw while we were at Diamonds Direct the other day:

It's rose gold, diamonds and a big hunk of Labradorite. It's gorgeous and it's $10 shy of a grand. So that made me wonder:

Cause we all know if I had money I wouldn't buy jewelry, it'd be craft supplies!!

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