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Friday, March 6, 2015

Gift for my cousin

As a child I would travel across country to visit my grandparents. At least one week during the month+ long visit my cousin, Michelle, would come visit. She and I are the only girls of our immediate families (boys, boys and more boys in Michelle's case!). You'd think I would have been REALLY excited to play with a GIRL! But I was a bit of a Tom Boy and Michelle was very girly. In a way I was jealous, because I had to be a Tom Boy to have ANYONE to play with back at home (a neighborhood of BOYS!). One of the things Michelle would ALWAYS wanted to do was play Cinderella. I was all the other characters and she played the humble heroine. We would put on plays for our grandparents. It is something both Michelle and I have always remembered.

Because of the new Disney Live Action Cinderella movie is coming out, I decided I wanted to send Michelle a couple of Cinderella-inspired gifts and a "date night" for her hubby and her.

Here are the photos of what I made/got for her!

Some art work and some buttons. I also gave her some Premiere jewelry and a little tiara I picked up a few year ago. I also bought her some jamberry wraps . And David and I got some movie tickets two years ago for Christmas and we thought we'd give those to Jeff and Michelle (gotta see Cinderella!!) and we are going to get a giftcard to a restaurant. :)

the haul

Jamberry Wraps, Iced 
Buttons, made via Silhouette Cameo, printed on
my Epson WF-7110 and made into pin-back buttons via
my 1" button maker 

my first attempt, not my best, but I still love it. Sorry, Cuz!

Tim Holtz Once Upon a Time Alphabet
The bag, originally a craft paper brown, and the
tissue paper (goooorgeous!) are from the
Dollar Tree. Bags were 3/$1 and the Tissue
paper came in a pack with gorgeous gold, too

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