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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

It's a good life

I lost a very close friend of mine May 8th due to suicide. I didn't find out until the 9th though. It was hard. It is hard. It's a daily battle because I know depression was one of the major factors in her suicide. I tried to get her help. I tried to be a help. I cannot face life knowing I didn't try to get myself help.

Things have changed for me because of her, because I don't ever want to get that low again.

So here is a brief update of what is going on in my life:

  • My husband, David, and I have separated. I love him and I want him and myself, to grow as adults and we can no longer be married to do that.
  • I have started seeing a counselor (again, or more accurately for "realsies" this time)
  • My counselor is going to help me so I understand me and how I can take better care of me
  • I stopped going to the church I have always gone to, for right now I feel this is best for my mental health. 
  • I am going to start blogging/crafting/creating again. This is something I need for me and I am excited for the future. 

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