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Monday, September 23, 2019

Pocket Letter Exchange With Me

I am a HUGE Pocket Letter fan. I love that one not only is letter writing/sharing, but it’s also a way to share art work. Who doesn’t like to receive letters and who doesn’t like art?
Pocket letters comprise of a 9-pocket card protector  and filling each pocket front with art (e.g. a piece of paper that fits in the pocket that is decorated – usually with more than just stickers). And the back of each pocket should have a gift (stickers, a tea bag, candy, etc. Get creative with it!). And one pocket should have a letter. An ACTUAL letter. Not a small paragraph. The idea is to actually correspond with someone.
I prefer senders choice, as one should be inspired to do whatever they want. One of the most difficult pocket letters I ever created was a butterfly pocket letter that someone requested. And I am *so* not a butterfly kind of lady and I struggled and you know what, it came out pretty great. But the struggle was real! I would have rather made whatever tickled my fancy.
If you want to learn more about Pocket Letters:
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