Aimee The Great: FAQ with Aimee The Great

FAQ with Aimee The Great

Frequently Asked Questions

Why The Great's Crafts/Aimee The Great?

I have been crafting and writing since I was a little girl. The title of The Great was something I dubbed myself when I was about 12. It's silly, but it's been with me since, and it's caught on.

When did you get into to art and crafting?

Like all children I enjoyed coloring, drawing, and creating. When I was 6 my family went to our local county fair. While looking through the vendor tent I saw my first stamps. The demonstrator used a cat face stamp with pastel gradient ink--- I was in LOVE. I begged my mom to buy me a stamp and she did, a cat stamp. Not long after this Lisa Frank came out with stamp kits. I bought all I could find. During my teen years I stopped stamping.
I started drawing more in more, and cutting and pasting art. Then in 2011 got back into paper crafting, stamping, copics, etc.

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